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A general directory of physicians and other health care professionals, hospitals, and medical equipment or supplies across the nation. 

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Accountable Care Platform & Patient-Centered Homes Network Map

Through the expansion of our existing programs and the creation of new innovative programs, we are rewarding care providers for delivering improvements in quality (as defined by evidence-based guidelines) and cost efficiency. We currently have value-based contracts in place with more than 600 hospitals, 1,150 medical groups and 80,00 physicans.

Neighborhood Health Partnership Directory

Locate participating network physicians, hospitals, facilities and other health care professionals associated with Neighborhood Health Partnership in South Florida.

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Dental Directory

Locate network dentists, check claim history and eligibility, view plan coverage details, request dental ID cards, and much more.


Vision Directory

Access information regarding our Standard Vision Benefit, view benefit availability map, and search for participating providers. for members with a medical plan and a vision rider, also referred as the Standard Vision Plan. - for members with a comprehensive vision plan in conjuction with a Medical or stand-alone/voluntary vision plan.