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Why UnitedHealthcare?

We're a different kind of health care company. We consistently apply creative, innovative solutions focused on helping people live healthier lives and creating superior value.

Quality and Affordability

Health care is changing. There are more choices and decisions to make than ever. To help members find quality, affordable care, the UnitedHealth Premium program evaluates and recognizes physicians that meet quality and cost-efficiency criteria.

Briefing Room

Learn more about our products and capabilities. Share videos and resources with your clients.

United eServices and Employer eServices Trainings

Attend a one hour instructor-led webcast and learn how to get the most out of United eServices®, Employer Services® and Customer Reporting.

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Broker Health Reform Guide

The Broker Health Reform Guide is an “electronic magazine”, which lets you quickly flip through information and tools on health reform and link to collateral materials you can download and share.

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