Health And Wellness

Disease and Complex Condition Management

Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services

Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services allows access to the nation’s top Congenital Heart Disease centers and provides extensive information to patients to assist them in selecting a center for their care.

Kidney Resource Services

The Kidney Resource Services Program provides information to educate and guide members to top performing dialysis clinics and reduce End Stage Renal Disease (the final stage of Chronic Kidney Disease) -related medical expenses.  The program provides a comprehensive set of services through a team of specialized nurses who help patients make informed treatment decisions and improve their health care experiences.

Transplant Resource Services

Our Transplant Resource Services help employers provide high-quality transplant care at an affordable cost. UnitedHealthcare uses the best clinical centers in the country, as identified by the Clinical Sciences Institute (CSI) – a panel of over 170 independent, practicing transplant surgeons who annually review and qualify the best clinical facilities.

Heart Failure Management Program

The Heart Failure Disease Management program seeks to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and health care costs and works to improve the health of those individuals who have heart failure.

Asthma Management Program

Asthma is a prevalent, and growing, costly health problem for Americans.  The Asthma disease management program helps reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and health care costs, missed days of work and seeks to improve the individual’s quality of life. 

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)

Our Coronary Artery Disease program is designed to help reduce unnecessary hospitalizations and health care costs, and improve quality of life. Through sophisticated stratification, members are targeted for inventions based on acuity level and potential for impact. Available for ASO only.