Health Rewards

March 8, 2013

Health Rewards is a modular incentive program for employers to improve employee participation in, and completion of, various wellness and clinical programs that ultimately lead to adoption of desired healthy behaviors as a way of life. The Health Rewards program packages are an intuitive approach to incentive strategies. Employers can reward specific behaviors within each stage of the health care continuum - Staying Healthy, Getting Healthy or Living with Illness by rewarding activities, outcomes, compliance or a combination of the three.

Employers can select the right rewards for their population’s specific health needs. This provides a more flexible approach to incentive behavior management and a wider array of services to reward. Generally speaking, employers will want to reward behaviors that have the biggest impact on reducing their population’s prevalent health risks or disease conditions that are driving medical costs. 

Aggregate Health Assessment reports provide information on customer-specific population health risks, such as receiving health screening exams. Historical medical claims data is another source to help determine health risk needs, such as a high prevalence of diabetes. Use this information to help build a customized incentive approach that meets customer needs. 

Health Rewards incentives can be aligned with a member’s

  • Activities: completion of an activity
  • Outcomes: achievement of pre-determined biometric outcomes