Cancer Resource Services

March 5, 2013

Cancer Resource Services offers information and member assistance through a team of experienced cancer nurse consultants. They are available to help individuals understand their own or a loved one’s cancer diagnosis, its implications and possible treatments. They help our members make an informed decision about their care and where to receive care.  While most individuals are able to get the care they need close to home, others may benefit from being treated or getting a second opinion in our premier cancer Centers of Excellence (COE) network.

This program is an ideal resource for members with cancer to obtain information, support and guidance in navigating the health care system. Cancer Resource Services nurses help members make informed decisions about their care and where to receive it, including access to the cancer COE network, which includes several prominent centers that otherwise would be out-of-network. Care at a COE is most valuable for those with uncommon or complex cancers, but members with any type of cancer can access the network.

CRS provides short-term assistance and support to empower members to manage treatment and recovery, usually 1-2 calls with the member. CRS does not provide ongoing, proactive case management services.