Healthy Pregnancy Program

March 15, 2013

The Healthy Pregnancy Program is a personalized maternity wellness program that provides members with additional support and education throughout their pregnancy. We work closely with expectant mothers to identify potentially high-risk pregnancies, refer them to Neonatal Resource Services, if purchased, high-risk case management, and access to Centers of Excellence network for quality and cost–efficient care. The program includes:

  • Patient education, screening of maternity cases and management of high-risk cases to decrease medical costs.
  • Drives payer, provider, employer, and employee satisfaction.
  • By combining this program with other components of the maternal-neonatal continuum (if purchased), mothers and babies receive the best care at lower cost.
  • A maternity nurse assesses members over the phone to identify factors that may affect the pregnancy.
  • Special health needs members will have additional resources to help them.
  • A maternity nurse for individualized support throughout the pregnancy.