24-Hour Health Concierge

February 16, 2013


UnitedHealthcare NurseLineSM is a 24/7 health advocacy solution. It delivers greater value than typical triage-only services through increased program referrals, a unique call-back model, member engagement techniques and more.

Members are connected with a single point of contact, a health care expert, who guides them to the right resources. Our specially trained registered nurses serve as advocates to help members find the:

  • Right Treatment: help answer clinical concerns, facilitate referrals to relevant health and wellness programs and provide condition management and treatment decision counseling
  • Right Provider: identify high-quality providers and even schedule appointments
  • Right Medication: coaching on medication adherence, drug interactions or medication alternatives
  • Right Lifestyle: preventive care guidance, healthy lifestyle coaching and referrals to wellness coaching and behavioral health

NurseLine features a unique call back model which enables nurses to proactively call members back in order to close any health opportunities that weren't resolved during the initial call. By helping members close known care gaps, the service drives higher levels of action, creating better health outcomes.

NurseLine is a health advocacy solution that goes far beyond just addressing a member’s symptoms.  NurseLine provides a single-point of contact for members to receive support navigating their overall health and wellbeing.

This high-touch, health care concierge service supports the continuum of health and wellness needs for your organization through:

  1. Navigational Advocacy: driving up program referral rates
  2. Clinical Advocacy: driving better health outcomes
  3. Member engagement: connecting with the right member  


Care24 provides members information to help them make informed decisions about their health and well-being.  Our health and well-being concierge service is a single point of contact where members are connected with a contact who guides them to clinical, wellness, financial, legal or counseling resources through NurseLine and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Components of Care24:


EAP provides confidential support to members for those everyday challenges or even for more serious problems, including:

  • Assistance in dealing with stress, depression and anxiety
  • Personal financial and legal advice
  • Parenting and family problems, including dealing with domestic violence
  • Substance abuse and recovery
  • Eating disorders

Care24 also provides managers and supervisors with tools that can help keep their work group on track:

  • Workplace management consultations – help with complex workplace problems affecting productivity and profitability
  • Critical response incidence services – help reduce impact of traumatic workplace events
  • Care24 training – encourages your employees to use Care24