October 27, 2016

Our vision plan is available for fully insured groups with 2 or more employees. Self-funded options for larger groups. 

A vision plan from UnitedHealthcare provides a competitive comprehensive vision care benefit. Differentiating factors include:

  • National provider network, including both private practice and retail chain providers
  • Focus on value with low premiums, low-cost copays, and reduced out-of-pocket expenses for non-covered options
  • In network and out-of-network benefits
  • Materials cost contracting and price protection resulting in lower out-of-pocket expenses for members
  • Access to discounted laser vision correction procedures and premium hearing aids
  • Dedicated account management team
  • Comprehensive member website at

Freedom of choice

A vision plan from UnitedHealthcare provides lower out-of-pocket savings for our members and a nationwide eye care network with over 72,000 access points. Consisting of both private practice and retail chain providers, our network is diverse and well-balanced, offering members greater choice and convenience by providing access to evening and weekend appointments. - 99% of the US population has access to a network provider within 15 miles.

Check out our retail provider network listing.

Funding Options

We offer your clients comprehensive vision plan options. Your clients can choose to pay all, some or none of their employees premium. Vision coverage is available for fully-insured groups with 2 or more employees. Self-funded options are available for larger groups.


At UnitedHealthcare vision, we strive to achieve a seamless program implementation. With our professional expertise and technical resources we are able to manage every aspect of our clients’ vision care program – from start-up through communications and enrollment, to customer service and ongoing administration. In addition, we will provide assistance in finalizing plan designs and in developing effective program administration procedures.

Integrated Vision: Bridge2Health

Clients with 100 or more employees and a UnitedHealthcare vision and medical plan qualify for our clinical integration program called Bridge2Health. Bridge2Health is designed to help  achieve better employee health and a healthier bottom line. Customers must opt in. Talk to your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information.

Our wide range of data allows us to generate a more complete profile of our members’ health needs so we can help them achieve better health overall. And when your employees are healthier, your business can be too — with lower costs, less absenteeism and greater productivity.

Clinical Whitepapers

2015 Eye Exam impacts on re-engagement for chronic conditions

Engaging Members

We surround our members with simplified resources 24/7 on our website, to support better health care decisions.

Eye Health and Wellness Video Library

Learn more about eye health by watching these videos.