March 5, 2015 Full Tour:

Demo full capabilities through fictitious member, Chris Johnson. This full tour of the site is for illustrative purposes only. View Claims (including HRAs, HSAs, FSAs), Look up Benefits, Find a Provider, Manage Prescriptions, View Statement, Take Health Assessment, Look up Health Topics, Treatment Cost Estimator, Discounts, Print ID Card, Live Nurse Chat, African American Health, Other languages, Source4Women and much more.

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Site tour of Includes interactive demos and guided tours: Find a physician or facility, find a mental health clinician, prescription drug information, generic plan cost estimator, great ways to save with UnitedHealthcare, African American Health, Source4Women, Latino Solutions, other languages, health and wellness, narrated demo of Quicken Health Expense Tracker, Health Care Lane, and a demo of the Custom Plan Cost Estimator tool. Also includes video for members to learn how to register for and print temporary ID cards as well as video on Doc GPS functionality.

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