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New SAM Enhancements Announced

August 11, 2017

Thanks to your feedback, we are pleased to introduce some exciting enhancements to improve and further simplify Sales Automation Management* (SAM) functionality for small business quoting and enrollment. 

The following enhancements will soon be online:

  • Census and Enrollment Templates:
    The Census Template (used in both Quote and Enroll) and the Enrollment Template (only available in Enroll once you have completed all of the required Census fields) will be combined into one in order to streamline and simplify the process.
    • Upon entering SAM with a Sold case, you can enter all of your census and enrollment data into one template and upload it in Quote, select your plans, then click Enroll. Once you have completed the Employer Application, the employee enrollment will also be complete.
    • The current templates will remain in place for 90 days while you adjust to the new combined template. After the 90 days, the combined template will be the only option. 
  • Change an Effective Date and/or Drop a Plan in Enrollment:
    We understand that customers sometimes change their minds once enrollment has begun. To make this situation easier for you and your client,  you will now be able to change an effective date and drop a plan while you are in Enrollment.
    • To Change an Effective Date: Simply choose “Change Effective Date” button by the “Plan Selection” display.  When you click it, you will be prompted to select a new date.  After this is done, the system will confirm that all of your plans are still valid for that effective date.  You will be prompted if there will be other changes required.
    • If you have ever been impacted by moving a plan (i.e. Vision) into Enrollment where you don’t meet participation, you can now DROP a plan in Enrollment instead of re-quoting the group.  If you get a participation error (insufficient enrollment in a plan), you will now have the ability to drop that plan without re-doing the enrollment. If the employer decides not to offer a plan any longer while you are in enrollment, you can also drop that plan as long as it doesn’t break any plan combination rules. 

We are pleased to bring you these enhancements in time to streamline fourth quarter quote and enroll activity. We will continue to make enhancements to SAM to make your work with us simpler and easier. 

In the next few days, you will find job aids and be able to register for the Webinar Training Sessions that will include these updates on  

If you have questions, please contact your UnitedHealthcare representative. 

* In the following situations, please continue to use your current system or process to obtain a quote:

  • Groups that do not meet the State’s definition of “Small Business”
  • Renewal business
  • New Business on Existing Accounts (NBEA); New Coverage on Existing Accounts (NCEA)
  • Business sitused in:  District of Columbia, HI, ID, MA, ME, MN, MT, ND, NH, NJ, NV, NY, SD, Virgin Islands, VT, WY
  • All Savers
  • Oxford
  • Sierra
  • ACEC
  • ADP Total Source
  • Critical Illness Protection
  • Accident Protection
  • Business-to-business quoting using a third party aggregator tool will not automatically populate in SAM.

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