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Travel Protection Program Available to Brokers

June 20, 2017

SafeTrip™ program provides broker incentives when providing travel protection to international travelers.

Don’t miss out on the summer travel season – join our Producer Program today. Simply sign up at and click the Producer Program link at the bottom of the page.

  • Make 10% commission on individual sales (average purchase price is $125). For group inquiries, contact
  • Work with us to add a custom campaign URL to your website. You’ll create eye-catching banners, text and keyword links to help drive sales.
  • Work with us on promotions and incentives.
  • We’ll activate you as a SafeTrip producer within 30 days of signing up. To get started, fill out the form at and upload your license number. You must present current limited lines and/or P&C licenses specific to the states you wish to sell in order to apply to carry SafeTrip.

SafeTrip Individual Travel Products include:

  • Travel Protection:  International medical and trip cancellation coverage for one trip of up to 364 days..
  • Annual Frequent Traveler: A plan that makes sense for multiple trips in one year – up to 90 days travel per trip.
  • Group Travel: Coverage to meet the needs of large traveling groups. 

Plans are available for travelers outbound from the United States, inbound to the United States and transnational travelers. 

Grow your business while helping to address your clients’ safety and well-being needs throughout their travels: Visit and click the Producer Program link  or review the broker admin guide for more details.

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