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Cost Transparency Enhancements Added to Provider Search

April 6, 2017

UnitedHealthcare recently integrated myHealthcare Cost Estimator (myHCE) components into the Provider Search experience on our member website,®.  In addition, we added cost transparency enhancements to increase the ways in which members can search for care paths (or treatments) on

These enhancements include the addition of:

  • Guided search options to help members narrow their search and find care paths.
  • The ability to search for specific care paths by name or keywords using the text-based search bar.

Care Paths: Guided Search and Keyword Search
When members access to search for a health care professional, they are prompted with guided search icons that enable them to more quickly find the information they want. With this new experience, members can also opt to search for the right health care professional by Services and Treatments or Care by Condition.

  • The Services and Treatments search button shows office visits, vaccines, tests and imaging, or members may search through a complete list of all services and treatments.
  • The Care by Condition option breaks down into areas of the body as well as types of condition.

Guided Search Icons

Alternatively, members can search for care paths by name using keywords. Once members make a selection, they are given a provider results page with those that can perform that service.

Furthermore, the Care Path web page now provides members with a summary of their cost estimate for the care path they choose, including their estimated out-of-pocket costs.

Sample Care Path Web Page

Currently, these care paths are available for simple processes and conditions. More complex search capabilities—including those for labs, radiology and inpatient procedures—will come later in 2017.

Additional Digital Experience Reminders

  • Web Browser Update - Rally® will no longer support Internet Explorer (IE) 9 and 10. To take full advantage of the new digital experience, members should use an alternate browser.
  • Dashboard - Changes are currently being made to the new dashboard. These enhancements include:
    • Based on how members use the site, the items they reference most frequently will appear, such as provider search, managing claims and prescriptions, and health and wellness functions.
    • Virtual Visits and Rewards information will be easily accessible on the dashboard.

Provider Search Results Service Enhancement
Available via Text/SMS
Effective Tuesday, April 4, UnitedHealthcare is pleased to announce a new feature in real-time capability that allows Advocates to send a member his or her provider search results via text messaging/short message service (SMS).

Once the Advocate captures consent and the appropriate mobile phone number, the member will receive, and will be required to respond to, “Term and Conditions” to enable receipt of the provider information via text messaging/SMS.  

This new provider search results delivery capability received rave reviews during its pilot program, with 57 percent of callers participating.

Contact your UnitedHealthcare representative with any questions about these digital experience and provider search enhancements. 

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