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Member Digital Experience Enhancements Underway

March 16, 2017

In November 2016, UnitedHealth Group began enhancing its member websites and apps to make them more simplified and intuitive, easier to navigate, and optimized for use on mobile and tablet devices. These enhancements will continue throughout 2017.

What’s Changing® has a new member dashboard on the home page, which lets members more easily view, understand, access and manage their coverage through self-service options.

Who is impacted and when? Clients with certain products supported by current functionality and standard configurations began to transition in December 2016. As more product functionality and additional configurations are built out, additional clients will be able to move to the new experience throughout 2017.

UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® has been redesigned to align with the new to maintain a consistent experience for members. The redesigned Health4Me app contains the same features members are accustomed to, including recent additions such as the “Talk with Us” feature for quick access to customer service.

Who is impacted and when?
All Health4Me users gained access to the redesigned app, through Android and iOS app stores, to the redesigned app in early January 2017.

HealthSafe IDTM gives members a single username and password for all UnitedHealthcare® and Optum® websites with the HealthSafe ID name. The HealthSafe ID login, which is optimized for all devices, authenticates the user and provides access to the websites for which the member is eligible.

Who is impacted and when? Integration of HealthSafe ID is occurring in phases. It has already been synced with the Health4Me app and is available when members download the updated app. HealthSafe ID will become available for and Optum websites in 2017.

Optum Partner Websites, Optum Bank®, Member FDIC, and Live and Work Well will release new website designs for Optum and UnitedHealthcare customers providing an effortless, secure and responsive user experience that meets the needs of the diverse consumer population. Once launched, existing account holders will experience an improved design with added features and functionality. Enhanced apps will also be made available for AndroidTM and iOSTM users.

Who is impacted and when? Release of new functionality for these sites is scheduled to begin in late Q1/early Q2 2017.

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