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New Resources Help Members Better Understand Their Health Plans

March 15, 2017

The new Member Resources section of is designed to help members prepare to use their health plans wisely and confidently. Member Resources offers checklists, videos, tips and tools to help members better understand their plans and avoid financial surprises. The pages address areas of concern that research shows are the greatest areas of potential dissatisfaction for new members:

  • Choosing a Doctor: Tips to find a doctor in the network, the importance of a primary care physician and checklists to take on the member’s next doctor’s visit
  • Managing Your Costs: Ways to help save, including staying in-network, understanding key terms, getting estimates for care and saving on medication costs
  • Knowing Where to Go for Care: – Helpful grid comparing the cost of care options, as well as information on virtual visits and 24/7 NurseLineSM
  • Pharmacy Overview: Ways to fill a prescription and tips for lowering pharmacy costs 

Bridging Communication Gaps
Member Resources not only serves up important plan information but also helps UnitedHealthcare bridge three communication gaps among new members: 

  1. Before members receive their health plan ID cards. After members enroll, there can be an extended amount of time before they receive their health plan ID cards in the mail. Member Resources has a dedicated section for these pre-members to learn what they can do now to prepare to use their plan such as watching an onboarding video, exploring the network or finding a doctor.
  2. After members receive their ID cards but before their effective date. A new member checklist offers steps members can take before their effective date, including signing up for®, transferring any medications, finding an urgent care center close to work or school and adding the NurseLine phone number to their smartphone.
  3. Helpful information that doesn’t require logging in. Member Resources serves as a destination for Open Enrollment materials, social media engagements, UnitedHealthcare’s Benefit Awareness News eNewsletter and more. Because Member Resources does not require registration, members and consumers can be directed to the site for information to help them receive the most from their health plans. 

The site also encourages members who have their ID cards to register on and download the UnitedHealthcare Health4Me® app to find the specifics about their plans.

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