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New Rally Health and Wellness Enhancements Announced

January 4, 2017

UnitedHealthcare is pleased to offer Rally® a fun, interactive health and wellness experience for members to manage their health available on®.  Rally is designed to make it easy to understand healthy behaviors and take needed steps to live a healthier life and harnesses the power of data, social connections and rewards. Users receive personal lifestyle action plans that focus on goals, competition, progress tracking and healthy living.  

Rally offers a personalized interactive experience:

  • Challenges and Communities
  • Lifestyle action plans (Missions) and rewards (complete certain activities within Rally to earn coins, which can be used to win great prizes)
  • Intuitive Health Survey (benchmarks activity level and health status)

We have recently introduced new enhancements that are designed to help give users a better picture of their overall health and guide them to make better decisions about their care.

Dashboard: Now displays employer-sponsored incentives (if applicable), coin activity, recommendations, in-process activities, campaigns, articles and recent community activity.

Sample Dashboard
*Note any customized configurations may directly impact how the dashboard will appear.
  • Goals and Recommendations: personalized goal setting, powered by recommendations based on the users health needs, acuity levels and goals. 
  • And much more, including lifestyle risk factors

Rally engages members by inviting them to join an online challenge, share their accomplishments, or join a competition. Members decide how they want to connect with other individuals with common interests. Rally is available online via a computer, smartphone or tablet. Additionally, the Rally tools work with wearables like Fitbit® and Jawbone®.

For more information on the Rally Health and Wellness experience, contact your UnitedHealthcare representative or visit

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