Kidney Resource Services

February 17, 2013

The Kidney Resource Services Program provides information to educate and guide members to top performing dialysis clinics and reduce End Stage Renal Disease (the final stage of Chronic Kidney Disease) -related medical expenses.  The program provides a comprehensive set of services through a team of specialized nurses who help patients make informed treatment decisions and improve their health care experiences.

Nurses focus on improving overall health and well-being through:

  • Telephonic case management by specialized renal-trained registered nurse consultants
  • Guidance and support with member’s chronic kidney disease
  • Monitoring of health and complications stemming from chronic kidney disease
  • Recommendations to help patients understand and manage their condition
  • Educational materials
  • Connecting patients with behavioral health specialists and other resources throughout treatment and recovery
  • Guiding patients to top performing, in network dialysis centers
  • Early referral for kidney transplant evaluation to improve patient outcomes and reduce overall treatment costs