Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services

February 17, 2013

Congenital Heart Disease Resource Services allows access to the nation’s top Congenital Heart Disease centers and provides extensive information to patients to assist them in selecting a center for their care. The program addresses condition awareness, disease and treatment education, Treatment Decision Support, access to Centers of Excellence network, patient empowerment and support plus intensive case management, when appropriate. This comprehensive set of services is provided by a team of specialized Congenital Heart Disease nurses. They provide support to participants through all stages of treatment and recovery, to help them make informed treatment decisions and improve their health care experiences.

Specialized nurses:

  • Create patient specific care plans driven by initial assessments and refined as needed as the patient is followed.
  • Address key areas that drive inpatient days and associated costs, including: pre and post care.
  • Guide and educate patients on top performing facilities.
Explore alternative options to effectively address patient’s specific diagnosis and health history.