Personal Health Support 2.0

March 19, 2013

Personal Health Support 2.0 is a proactive care management solution designed to improve employee health and drive down benefit costs.  It addresses 50+ conditions and provides outreach to 100% of the members in an employer’s population who have identified gaps in care.  At several points of contact, Personal Health Support 2.0 helps educate and guide employees and their families no matter whether their focus is staying healthy, getting healthy or living with a health condition. 

  • Designated nurse team is assigned to an organization and becomes familiar with the company’s culture and serves as a “nurse in the family” to the member.
  • Treatment Decision Support targets conditions shown to have a variety of treatment practices and inconsistent outcomes. 
  • HealtheNote Reminders educate members about avoiding a health event through mailings that emphasize prevention, early detection and treatment through mailings that emphasize prevention, early detection and treatment.
  • HealtheNotes are mail and online-based alerts sent to members and their physicians notifying them of evidence-based medicine gaps and preventive care reminders.
  • Innovative clinical programs are available and presented to employees and their families.
  • Health & Wellness tab on encourages self-care goals, inspires healthy action and offers motivation through online health programs, tools and information.
  • Integration with other UnitedHealthcare programs and services including behavioral health, wellness and optional clinical programs