Select Managed Care

October 27, 2016

The Select Managed Care plan offers maxiumum savings and  is available to fully insured groups with 2 or more employees. Self-funded options are available to larger groups.

Select Plans are priced approximately 50% less than a comparable open access plan, making it our most affordable plan type. Savings come from a combination of narrow network and primary care coordination model.

Our Select Plans feature large regional networks. (Network size varies by location.) With a Select Plan, members generally choose a primary care dental clinic to coordinate their care. Consult your UnitedHealthcare representative for additional details about the plans available in your area.

Members will receive comprehensive dental services for a set copay. There are no deductibles and no annual maximum limits, making this plan so easy to use. And with a Select Plan, there are no claims to file, adding to its convenience.

We also provide resources on how your clients can promote oral health to their employees.