Gateway PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

October 27, 2016

Gateway PPO is a cost-saving plan design and is available to fully insured groups with 2 or more employees.  Self-funded options are available to larger groups.

With the Gateway PPO plan, your clients' employees have the freedom to see any dentist or specialist in or outside our extensive national network. No referrals are needed. When they stay in-network, they’ll enjoy the significant lower rates we’ve negotiated with our providers. In addition, they never have to submit a claim form for visits to in-network providers.

What’s more, the Gateway PPO plan offers rates that can be up to 15 percent lower than a traditional PPO. To achieve these lower costs, the Gateway PPO plan shifts some higher-cost procedures to a different level of coverage, such as endodontic and periodontic services.

Clients can tailor the way they fund their plans, choosing the contribution level that best meets their needs.

It all makes the Gateway PPO plan a smart option for companies looking for choice, flexibility and extra savings. 

Preventive care is covered at little or no cost to members. A broad range of additional services is also covered. Coverage levels vary based on the specific plan, 

Gateway PPO plans come with some wellness benefits at no extra charge:

Enhanced coverage for pregnant women during their entire pregnancy and the first three months following delivery

Annual oral cancer screenings for all adult patients

We also provide resources on how your clients can promote oral health to their employees.

Integrated Dental: BridgeHealth

Clients with 100 or more employees and a UnitedHealthcare dental and medical plan qualify for our clinical integration program called Bridge2Health. Bridge2Health is designed to help  them achieve better employee health and a healthier bottom line.Customers must opt in. Talk to your UnitedHealthcare representative for more information.  Learn more about Bridge2Health dental

Download the Bridge2Health Dental Brochure

Download the Bridge2Health Claims Study Executive summary

Share oral health information with your customers